Will you make this YOUR year? Are you ready to accept that you deserve to have EVERYTHING you desire in life?

Abundant Life Solutions runs regular workshops to do just that – to help people unlock their emotional blockages, connect with their Authentic Self and learn the skills they need to manifest the life they desire.

Education ….Activation …..Realization

Through Abundant Life Solutions workshops you will gain the ability to love and respect yourself for the unique, wonderful being that you are; you will experience the higher vibrational field that assists you to be calm and peaceful and provides a deeper understanding of the mysteries of life; and you will acquire tangible skills to address the problems and situations that surface during your life’s journey.

You’ll learn more about yourself and others than you could ever imagine. You’ll learn about emotions and how they affect the physical body, and how our perceptions of our place in this world are created – and how our beliefs create our reality!

You’ll learn that beneath anger lie raw emotions related to lack of self-worth and fear, and how addictions (trying to mask trauma and fear) affect the body at a cellular level. You’ll learn how control dramas are used (by yourself and others in your life), and how they deplete your energy.

You’ll understand how we are disempowered by co-dependencies, how our archetypes affect our daily lives, and how depression is often a big wake up call to alert us to the fact that our old ways of operating in the world are no longer working! Your health and relationships will improve as you learn to set boundaries and to communicate your needs, and you’ll be equipped to recognise and address “control dramas” both within yourself and in others.

Become a Visionary and create the life you choose

Most importantly you will learn how become a powerful visionary by using the essential steps to manifesting the life you wish to create rather than being controlled by your reactions to the world around you. Reactive living is like a ship without a rudder. Being a visionary allows you to set your course (desired outcome) and navigate through the situations in your life so you stay on the course to your desired outcome.

We also use vibrational rebalancing (see pranic healing) of the energy fields, which combined with the work outlined above, creates a powerful effect that accelerates the client’s ability to create lasting solutions in their life. The results will be attained when you practice these skills and are prepared to change.

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Below is a list of our workshops:

Coming Out Of The Dark

shutterstock_77900782Coming Out of the Dark – Taking back your personal power. What do you believe about yourself? How are you limiting yourself through these beliefs? Where did these beliefs come from? Our perceptions about ourselves and our abilities are created in early life which affects our current reality.  



Masterclass Retreat

Masterclass+RetreatDo understand how to be authentic and take control of your life? Ready to take responsibility for your OWN life and future? Do you wonder what Metaphysics can do for you? Join us for an intensive study on how to Master Your life!




One Day Workshops

Research…. Validate…. Implement Abundant Life Solutions is constantly researching latest scientific and metaphysic discoveries about our amazing brain power, emotional intelligence, Quantum field manipulation and the power of perceptions. With each new and validated discovery we will present a one day workshop to help people understand and implement this knowledge.

Schools Clubs & Organizations Keynote Presentations

Abundant Life Solutions will also design tailored and facilitate workshops for schools, clubs and organizations, focused of personal empowerment that creates confidence, self-worth, and clarity resulting in improved performance co-operation and team spirit.

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