Personal Empowerment

How would it feel to be able to create the life you desire?

“The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well” – Hippocrates

Do you feel overwhelmed? Stressed? Depressed? Empty?

Are you angry? Fearful? Anxious?

Have you lost your enthusiasm for life?

Do you wonder when it’ll be your turn to experience joy?

Life is a journey – a journey in which we have the choice of whether to be master of our destiny, or a victim of it. Stress and adversity are a fact of life, but our real power lies in how we react.

Our education system is not equipped to teach the real skills we need for modern life and, unsurprisingly, many of us are floundering; struggling in how we relate to the world, and how we cope with stress, relationships, and our emotional response to situations.

Abundant Life Solutions has a unique approach to helping you to deal with the emotional issues which are preventing you from experiencing the wonderful abundance life offers. Our mind-body “medicine” is based on the fundamental recognition of the relationship between mind and body, the body’s innate potential to heal, and the special partnership between client and healer in restoring the body to health.

We help you to unlock your full potential by teaching you the skills which will empower your life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This is the knowledge that you need in order to be confident and to take control over your life.


We encourage our client to become an observer, detaching from the events in their life that have caused them discomfort and pain. This allows their perspective on the situation to broaden, and they can become solution-focused. Many people realise for the first time in their lives that they have the power to choose their reaction to situations, that they are in control, and they feel empowered by this revelation.


Abundant Life Solutions has a dedicated programme run by Andrew McCallum, to give men the opportunity to discuss, understand and resolve the pressures and expectations that has been placed on them in the 21century. Andrew provides the space whether individually or in a group for men to be given respect and heard about what is worrying them. Depression is rife amongst men within Australia well up the list of the number of young men that commit suicide. Where once men were expected to be strong and deny emotions science is now discovering how detrimental this is to the health of men and their relationships


Depression can be a devastating illness (along with its cousins anxiety, fear, anger and negativity) but Abundant Life has a track record of achieving outstanding results in relieving its insidious effects. We are dedicated to working with you throughout this journey of empowerment.

Contact us today and discuss how Abundant Life Solutions can provide you with the road map back to an abundant joyful life.