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Men in Relationships

About Men in Good Relationships

Most blokes desire a solid, loving, safe and long-term relationship with a partner that contains a reason to love, support and protect.

Do you truly know what a bloke needs to be, give, and to look for in order to have that?

How much of your school life was dedicated to teaching you about the necessity of a strong and loving relationship?

What are the ingredients required to help sustain you through difficult times?

Like parenting, somehow we were just supposed to ‘know’ how it was done, and the only way we get some glimpses as to how it worked was through our own parents’ modelling or from popular culture, like from books, movies and television.

Would it suprise you that a strong and enduring relationship requires mature adult ‘interdependence’?

This interdependence requires incorporation of four distinct pillars, which creates and enduring relationship:

  1. You as an individual. You have your own values, needs, desires and aspirations.
  2. Your partners needs, values, desires and aspirations.
  3. The relationship. This includes communication about, shared vision, the purpose and intention of the relationship, commitment and synergy.
  4. As lovers. The chemistry and intimacy created between us as sexual partners.

Understanding how we operate in a relationship and what beliefs we may need to change to enhance it, gives us the chance to experience how good a relationship can be.

It provides answers to what our individual best assets in a relationship are and a format to model great relationships for our children.

Working on the Four PIllars of a Relationships you will learn:

  • How to gather insights into what can make your important relationships great, but also, what can make them crumble;
  • What can we give to them as well as what do we take from relationships.

Open the brochure on this link called Happily Ever After for a more detailed description about relationships and how we can support you.