One Day Workshops

Research… Validate… Implement

Abundant Life Solutions is constantly researching latest scientific and metaphysic discoveries about our amazing brain power, emotional intelligence, Quantum field manipulation and the power of perceptions.

With each new and validated discovery we will present a one day workshop to help people understand and implement this knowledge.

Opt in now for “The 7 Essential Steps to Empowering your Life Vision” and we will make sure that we notify you of what is coming up so that you too can stay abreast of these cutting edge findings.

Schools Clubs & Organizations Keynote Presentations

Abundant Life Solutions will also design tailored and facilitate workshops for schools, clubs and organizations, focused of personal empowerment that creates confidence, self-worth, and clarity resulting in improved performance co-operation and team spirit.

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Want to go further down the rabbit hole Alice?

Our advanced one day workshops are designed to fast track your ability to become a visionary for your own life

Our advanced studies of the Great Work – the power of personal Alchemy and the purpose of the Hero’s Quest are designed to assist you;

  • Understand the “mysteries” of ancient teachings and how to use them with modern day science to create an empowered authentic life fast
  • Unravel the teachings contained within sacred text from Ancient Egypt,
  • Understand the alchemic symbols within the stories of the sacred books of various religions. Revealing their clues on how to live a powerful authentic life that has purpose and meaning and makes a difference in the world
  • Understand the power of vibrational energy and how it determines what you will attract into your life based on your subconscious thoughts
  • Expand synchronicities into your everyday life so that people places times and events align to help you achieve your goals.
  • Activate your personal blue print for a successful life
  • Understanding archetypes and how they play out in your life

Participation in some of these workshops is restricted to advanced students who have completed preparatory workshops and have a fundamental knowledge of metaphysics

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