What Drives Us

We are human beings not human doings – so stop for a moment and imagine

What it would feel like to:

• Be inspired
• Be passionate
• Be Me
There are three sides to an authentic life and they are contained within you – when you access them your world will change accordingly. At Abundant Life Solutions we use the triangle as a symbol of this process as its strength comes from each side supporting the others.

In our analogy these three sides are
• Soul
• Mind
• Body

This is often a mystery for people as to what those headings mean so here it is in terms that we can understand

• Soul equals Vision – the creative energy that gives us the ability to imagine
• Mind equals Values – This is the driving force of an authentic life.
• Body equals Vibrancy – When I am true to my personal values I become the stone that creates the ripple in the universal pond.

And they govern the three most asked questions in the universe:

Why am I here?

Vision: Where am I going and why do I want to go there.

Who am I?

Values: What really drives me? Knowing and living our personal values is the success formula for an authentic life and business.

What is my purpose?

Vibrancy: Your purpose is to make a difference by living your values and applying them to everything you create. By doing this you will have a vibrancy that is attractive to others and you, yourself will be filled dynamic energy that will be reflected in your physical body and your ability to think with clarity. The result is that things tend to go right more often – this is what is known as “Being in Flow”

How you start to achieve these steps to a powerful life is through INTENTION. When you use deliberate intention to build the life you want or obtain the business results you desire you are using the language of vibrancy. Mastering this will allow you to draw to you people, places, times and events to help you achieve your vision for your personal life and your businesses growth.

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