Monthly “Masterclass” – are you ready to find out who you really are, and start creating the life you want?

If you are prepared to accept that you deserve everything you want in life, then that is what must manifest!

Make this YOUR YEAR and read on to find out how to start this amazing journey to finding your Authentic Self, start creating the life you want, and understand the Science of Creating…

Abundant Life Solutions invites you to join our Monthly “Masterclass” in Hallam, Balwyn North and Wandin North

Our monthly classes explore the deep mysteries of life and equip students with the knowledge and skills to activate the exceptional in themselves. As a masterclass student you will learn:

  • How science and metaphysics work side by side to give us the vital information about who we truly are;
  • How we can all break free of our limiting beliefs and thoughts and create new neuro pathways to rewire your belief systems through the miracle of brain plasticity;
  • How to implement the energies of Attention, Intention and Focus both spiritually and physically to become a great visionary;
  • How to merge with your vision and become it in the Quantum Field, long before it materialises into matter;
  • Understand the power of your unique blueprint – the strengths and (more importantly) the immature strengths that you brought with you to this life to help you evolve
  • Become aware of the subliminal messages your body is sending you, that provide you with physical clues of what is preventing you from moving on in some area of your life;
  • How you can create a difference in the lives of others simply by raising your vibrational level;
  • The power of emotions and how they control your life through the subconscious;
  • and much more!


  1. Monthly class
  2. Accessibility to our private Masterclass accountability Facebook page where you can discuss challenges and share triumphs
  3. Monthly webinar to review what you have learnt that month and gain greater insight to the topic covered


  • Significantly reduced rate at the Abundant Life Solutions Annual Retreat in November
  • Significantly reduced rate on our mentoring services focused on personally achieving and manifesting what is studied at Masterclass
  • Reduced rate on Abundant Life Solutions one-day workshops

Contact us now to see how we can help you achieve the life you deserve.

quote-31x23The master class’s, this so much fun, Rosemary has got so much energy, & she comes up with so much information, for us to evolve, but she makes it fun, I travel about 1½ hour to get to this class, & that’s why, its fun but we are always getting new & more information to help us on our paths. I love it. & all the people that come to this class are wonderful souls also.quote-end-31x23

John Val Jon Carrum Downs

quote-31x23Hello Rosemary,
Just wanted to update you on how things have been since the last master class.
I have spoken to Judy and I will be working for her one day a week from July 1st – it will be a Monday – as I wanted (but flexible if needed, as long as it suits)
I have purchased an exercise bike and have been building up the time and days that I exercise – now 3 days a week for 20 minutes each day. Next week I will go back to the gym  for 3 days a week – 30 minutes each day.
My feet are healing everyday – though they can be quite stiff in the morning, I don’t have as many really sore days with them.
I tell myself everyday that “I am” beautiful and I love me!

It is so worth travelling over from SA once a month for classquote-end-31x23

Karen Crabbe Somerton Park SA


quote-31x23Thank-you Rose for persisting when we all think its too hard, you keep us focused and believing in ourselves, when we forget how amazing we truly are you are there to shine the light for us again..
I am awesome! I really am that, I am..

Mary Tropeano Business Owner – Wandin Vic


quote-31x23I joined Rosemary's masterclass after already having done some very intense work on my spiritual awareness and 'self healing' via workshops and life experience / awakenings. She offered the follow up or the support I had
subconsciously asked for. Rosemary came when I needed to follow up on my 'self' and where I was going from here.
  She's helped me to keep stepping in the direction I yearn to move toward -ever growing my conscious awareness and being more present in my body, my life, with my choices and my direction. I love the insight and nudge we get from her, she does it in a way that's real and uplifting. Thank you for leading the way to a resilient whole 'self', where all doors are open because I am.quote-end-31x23

Sheralee Barnes – Beaconsfield

quote-31x23Once you have realized that your life and future is in your own hands and are willing to do the work towards achieving your goals. Join Masterclass. Here I found constant motivation and encouragement to reach my goals and realize my dreams. Along with motivation come extremely valuable tools for life. They Work! Masterclass is a truly inspiring class to be a part of, and I for one will be continuing with this fulfilling opportunity. quote-end-31x23

Jo Wagner Artist – Business owner, Warburton


quote-31x23I was introduced to Rosemary 2 + yrs. ago. My life has changed dramatically thru her private mentoring, workshops and monthly Masterclass.quote-end-31x23

Penny MeallinPenny’s Postcard Travel