Andrew McCallum

Andrew-Shirt-and-Tie-close-up-e1314666764646-215x215I found and grew my family, achieved the suburban home, and had several good jobs, firstly as a creative designer; a teacher for a little while and later, I started my own design practice. But about seven years in, it all started to come crashing down.

Over the next twenty years I experienced a nasty divorce and enforced separation from my children. I remarried, to a beautiful person, but also gained two stepsons who were very troubled – with their grief and sadness leading them towards drugs and poor life decisions. One almost lost his life in a vicious knife attack. A wonderful daughter, born in my new marriage, developed a rare virus aged ten which was killing her kidneys. This resulted in a transplant from her mother when she was 16 – only to lose her life in a car accident two years later.

I ran my design practice with no real understanding of business, and found myself almost bankrupt because of a crooked client. During this time, both my parents and my father-in-law died of old age, I caught severe pneumonia, had double hernia surgery, watched the driver who caused the car crash which killed my daughter imprisoned for six years for culpable driving, and I sat in hospital with my stepson after his near-fatal stabbing. These incidents were to take a massive toll on me, and life began to lose its luster.

But despite these events, I was sustained by the strength of real love, respect and friendship of my second marriage, and nothing can stop our desire to fulfill our life missions.

My wife and I have not only come through these challenges and losses, but have taken the lessons from our experiences and we use them to help others, through our mentoring and counseling practice, Abundant Life Solutions.


Today, at sixty, I am a qualified counsellor, teacher, life style mentor, group and workshop facilitator, father, and grandfather. I love sports, wilderness and motorbike riding, theatre, movies and holidays. As a male, I believe that I am well qualified to sit with and guide other men through their own life challenges. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any queries, in confidence, or even just to say hello.

Andrew McCallum has professional eminence as a workshop and seminar facilitator, public speaker and “Solution Architect” with qualifications in Counselling, Behavioural Sciences, Pranic Psychotherapy, Diploma of Education.

Contact Andrew now and see how he can help you construct a blue print for a life of reward and abundance on all levels