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seriousabundanceLighten Up – GET MORE – LIVE MORE –LOVE MORE

Learn how to Balance your life  

What do you get when you cross a Doctor of Metaphysics with an acclaimed comedienne, radio personality, & performer?

You get an amazing weekend of SELF-DISCOVERY and FUN where you’ll gain the clarity, confidence and certainty you need to create the life you want, dream about, and deserve. Dr. Rosemary McCallum joins with Tracy Bartram to give you all the techniques to achieve this. Tracy will share her incredible journey from addict to advocate of helping people take control of their life.

Not only that, we bring in a team of experts in their field to help you with all areas of your life.

Each of our experts will provide you with up to date information and tested skills to further help you balance your life.

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What will this program do for YOU?

The program provokes change in your thoughts, looking at your patterns and belief systems, and changing your mindsets. You will learn how to be truly happy and successful without cutting corners, neglecting your health or being unfair to your family.

In previous decades individuals were able to achieve some measure of work/life balance. But today, in the age of iPhones and BlackBerries and being contactable 24/7, the line between work and life is blurring.

We are constantly at work, even when at home! Plus…

You have to take care of the kids, aging parents, groceries, the dog, bills and mortgage repayments, keeping up with friends through social networking like Facebook and Twitter… have I forgotten anything?

Chances are that coming home from work is just as stressful as being there – if not more so! By the time you get everything done it’s past midnight. AGAIN.

Does this sound familiar?

Do you feel like screaming sometimes?

Oh, no, you can’t do that. Not in this “civilized” society.

You see, today you have to be like a duck. You have to paddle like mad, but above the surface you appear placid and unaffected.

Any wonder that our neuroses are getting worse.

Did you know that today more people are medicated than ever before in history? Simply because we are too scared to feel Anything at all.

Push it all down with alcohol, drugs, one night stands…

We have stopped feeling and our addictions are taking over.

People are drinking, smoking, taking drugs, overeating, gambling, surfing the net for porn, having cybersex, all trying to dull the pain of work / life stress.


If you begin to throw temper tantrums, scream at other drivers in traffic and suffer silently in private … put your head up! There is nothing wrong with you.

The problem is that we’re living in a hectic, overburdened, and overstretched society. However, there’s a much easier way to maintain your independence.

Lighten Up! Get more, live more, love more will show you how to create a sense of balance, achievement, and enjoyment in everyday life.

Plus, you’ll learn:

✔  How to give more of ourselves to what matters and less of ourselves to what doesn’t

✔  How to build inner strength and courage you need as an antidote to our overcrowded, over-pressured lives

✔  How to BLOT OUT the feelings of loneliness, fear and addiction

✔  How to make smart eating choices that will revitalize your mind, give your boundless energy and sculpt your body into a fabulous physique

✔  Learn to communicate more effectively and openly with your children

✔  A practical, concrete process for orchestrating changes and staying true to your life’s purpose

✔  How to be comfortable with your INNER CHILD and give yourself the permission to be yourself

✔  How to cure anxiety, guilt, low self-esteem, and other “black holes” of negative emotions without drugs

✔  Practical tools to boost your confidence and self-esteem

You’ll spend time with some of the most progressive yet totally down-to-earth and approachable experts in the fields of personal change, personal growth, nutrition, finances and success.

This brand new workshop is not about some hyped-up bunch of motivational gurus passing on recycled information. You’ll hear from real people who have determined for themselves how to get off the treadmill and live their life on THEIR OWN TERMS and they will teach you how to do the same.

You will learn how to create personal alignment n this post-balance, off-kilter world.


✔  Spending more time with your kids and not being the missing parent…

✔  Your heart racing as you hold hands with your partner…

✔  Having the confidence to present and improvise for a room full of strangers…

✔  Feeling great WITHOUT sedatives, tranquilisers or painkillers…

✔  Feeling confident in yourself, strong and capable in all aspects of your life!

An ideal environment to grow and evolve

You can relax knowing that this workshop will give you a totally NON-judgmental environment where you can grow, learn and self-discover.

This event is not about being politically correct. It is all about helping you achieve better work / life balance in this fast-paced and hectic world.

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